25 Best Online Proofreading Jobs For Beginners

Proofreading is the last step in the process of writing. Before publishing a document or sending it out to people it is carefully checked for mistakes.

A proofreader’s job is to fix small spelling and grammatical mistakes, typos, bad formatting, and inconsistencies in the text.

Proofreading is important as it helps to make sure that a text is free of mistakes and gets across the right message.

Proofreading and editing are different, as the latter is a more in-depth look at the content, structure, and style of a piece of writing.

Editors have to carefully examine the text’s arrangement, clarity, and coherence, among other things.

Proofreading is the last step before self-publishing or sending a work to an agency or publisher. It comes after formatting and before any other check.

In order to become a proofreader, you need to have good language skills, pay close attention to details, and be able to work on your own.

Although precise credentials are not always required, prior experience and proven talents are.

Taking a course from a professional group like the Society for Editors and Proofreaders will help you learn how to proofread in the real world.

One can also apply to firms that provide proofreading services.

Proofreading may be rewarding and profitable work, with many prospects for freelancers.

Freelancers may work from anywhere and charge whatever they choose, as long as they have the necessary skills and expertise.

Proofreading services are in great demand as long as papers are being written. There are several freelance options available, as well as numerous internet work sites that publish proofreading positions.

What is Copy Editing – Proofreading vs. Editing

Copy editing and proofreading are both important parts of the editing process, but they do different things.

Copy editing is the process of improving a piece of writing by finding and fixing mistakes in spelling, grammar, tone, style, syntax, and word choice.

That usually happens after considerable editing. Proofreading, on the other hand, is the ultimate examination of a document to correct minor grammatical, capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and formatting mistakes.

It serves as a safety net, ensuring that the author and copy editor did not overlook anything.

For example, a copy editor might suggest rephrasing a line to make it clearer, but a proofreader might catch an error that was missed by the copy editor.

Is there a good demand and market for proofreaders?

From 2020 to 2030, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the number of jobs for editors (including proofreaders) will grow at about the same rate as the overall average.

Also, there are a lot of proofreader jobs posted on job search websites, which shows that this kind of work is needed.

The degree of demand, however, may vary based on geography and business.

Pros & Cons of working as a Proofreader

Pros of working as a proofreader:

  • Flexibility: Since proofreading can be done remotely, it is an excellent choice for people who want to work from home or who have a flexible schedule.
  • Attention to detail: Proofreading requires a sharp eye for detail, making it an excellent choice for people who like examining text and spotting problems.
  • Proofreading may assist in the development of skills like grammar, punctuation, and syntax, which can be valuable in other fields of employment.
  • It’s easy to find work: As the amount of online content grows, more people need proofreaders, making it a safe way to make a living.
  • Proofreading may be intellectually interesting since it demands critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Cons of working as a proofreader:

  • Proofreading can be boring and dull because you have to look at material over and over again to find mistakes.
  • Eye strain: Since proofreading involves longer periods of reading and interpreting material, it may induce eye strain and weariness.
  • Although a love of reading and a strong grasp of grammar are advantageous, proofreading requires a technical understanding of the work, which may take years to obtain.
  • Proofreading is a technical job that doesn’t leave much room for creativity or expressing yourself.
  • Tight deadlines: When you proofread, you often have to meet tight deadlines, which some people may not like.

What Skills Do I Need To Become A Freelance Online Proofreader?

To work as a freelance online proofreader, you must have a great knowledge of the English language and grammar.

You should know a lot about grammar and punctuation, as well as the traditions of the English language and be able to keep up with different styles of formatting and referencing, especially for academic writing.

You should also be able to work alone and meet tight deadlines. Although a bachelor’s degree in a subject such as English or journalism is advantageous, it is not necessarily required.

Consider getting a proofreading certificate to improve your skills and show that you know a lot about this topic.

Attention to detail, critical thinking, and great communication skills are also necessary.

How much money can you make proofreading?

The amount of money you may earn as a proofreader depends on many things, including your expertise, the sort of papers you proofread, and your location.

According to several sources, independent proofreaders may earn an average of £12–15 per hour, with greater expertise earning up to £16-27.50 per hour.

The average annual salary for a freelance proofreader is $51,391, but it can range from $20,000 to $91,500.

Proofreaders of transcripts can make anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per month. Making $50,000 per year is considered to be very successful.

A proofreader may earn between $100 and $500 for a nonfiction work of 15,000–35,000 words.

Online proofreading jobs may pay between $19 and $46 per hour.

How do I start proofreading?

To begin proofreading, you must have a sharp eye for detail as well as a strong command of language and spelling.

These are some starting points:

  1. Refresh your grammar and spelling skills. To enhance your grammar and punctuation abilities, you may attend online classes or study books on the subject.
  2. Proofread your own work as well as the work of friends and family. This will help you improve your abilities and gain confidence.
  3. Look for proofreading opportunities. You can find work as a freelance proofreader by networking on LinkedIn, creating a freelance service website, or obtaining gigs through social media. You can also apply to work for a proofreading service such as Scribbr, which provides proofreading and academic editing services for all types of study-related documents.
  4. Consider getting a certificate in proofreading. Editors Canada provides a proofreading exam that measures excellence rather than proficiency. Before taking the test, they suggest that you have at least five years of full-time proofreading experience. If you pass the test, you will get a credential that will help you stand out in the employment market.
    Recall that proofreading is the ultimate step of the editing process; therefore, it’s critical to grasp the various phases of editing. You may become a good proofreader and obtain a job in this industry with practice and perseverance.

Best Places Online for Proofreading Jobs for Beginners

These are a few places where you may get online proofreading jobs as a beginner:

1. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is a service that provides remote and online proofreading opportunities. These positions are ideal for people with an eye for detail, grammar, and spelling. Proofreaders examine, edit, and revise written material before it is published.

The purpose of FlexJobs is to enhance the future of work by assisting individuals in finding flexible employment that improves their lives. If you’re looking for proofreading employment, you can discover additional information and job listings on FlexJobs or other job search sites.

2. Fiverr

Using its site, Fiverr provides proofreading and copyediting services.

Proofreading is one of the most popular Fiverr services that may pay well. You may build a freelance proofreading profile on Fiverr and look for proofreading tasks online.

There are also several more online proofreading opportunities for novices. If you want to become a proofreader on Fiverr, there are a few simple steps you can take to get started.

3. Upwork

Upwork is a freelance proofreading website where proofreaders may find employment. Proofreaders on Upwork may make between $18 and $35 per hour.

To become a freelance proofreader, you should like reading and editing, and you may demonstrate your abilities by submitting examples of your work.

It is also necessary to have some proofreading experience and be a fluent English speaker. Clients may use Upwork to identify and hire proofreaders with the abilities they need for their projects.

4. Scribendi

Scribendi is a language services company that helps people from many different industries with proofreading and editing. They provide both in-house and freelance proofreading services.

You may apply for a job with Scribendi by completing an online questionnaire. As a freelancer, you may set your own hours and choose your own projects.

The hourly wage is roughly $25. Further information about working at Scribendi may be found on their jobs website, as well as employee reviews.

5. ProofreadingServices.com

ProofreadingServices.com provides online proofreading tasks with compensation ranging from USD 19 to USD 46 per hour depending on turnaround time, with the greatest pay for the most urgent deadlines.

The organization also provides flexible hours, enabling you to work when you choose, from the comfort of your own home, in any time zone.

ProofreadingServices.com is a group of experienced editors and proofreaders who have won awards for their work.

They also offer translation services in any language to more than 25,000 clients in more than 100 countries.

If you want to work as a proofreader at ProofreadingServices.com, go to their website and fill out an application.

6. Babbletype

If you’re seeking proofreading work, Babbletype is an excellent choice.

They provide transcription possibilities for long-term residents of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand who are now or have previously lived in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand.

Babbletype is a company that can be run from anywhere, which is great for people who want to work from home.

They charge $3.75 for each recorded minute to offer English-language transcripts from the top ten market research languages.

To apply for a job, go to their website and view their transcription opportunities video. After you start working, Babbletype includes a daily, editable page that enables transcribers to view available tasks and apply for them.

7. ProofreadingPal

ProofreadingPal provides work-from-home proofreading opportunities to eligible people who satisfy their qualifications.

Editors often make between $500 and $3,000 per month, according to their website.

To be eligible, you must be working for or enrolled as a graduate or postgraduate student at an approved U.S. college or university and have a GPA of at least 3.5.In exchange for specified hours of guaranteed availability, freelancers receive access to a job board.

The employment situation is flexible yet competitive, and projects are sometimes sparse.
Yet, the compensation structure is reasonable, and the job is diverse and exciting.

8. WordviceProofreading

WordviceProofreading is a firm that provides proofreading and editing services, although it is unclear if they also provide employment.

Nonetheless, there are several employment possibilities for proofreaders on job search websites such as Indeed and freelancing platforms such as Fiverr.

There are many websites that provide proofreading employment, such as The Write Life. It is advised that you investigate and apply for many job openings to maximize your chances of being hired.

9. Polished Paper

Polished Paper allows editors to collaborate with them. Those that are interested may create a user account, submit their résumé, and complete a 35-question editing exam.

It is important to note, though, that Polished Paper is not a job board. Instead, it is a professional editing and proofreading service.

Polished Paper jobs may be found on ZipRecruiter; however, they are not linked to proofreading or editing. Polished Paper employee reviews may be found on Glassdoor.

10. Domainite

Domainite is a business that provides freelance writing and proofreading services. One of the first steps in getting work with Domainite is to sign up for CopyScape.

Yet, many other services, such as Clear Voice and Polished Paper, provide online proofreading work for novices.

11. Gramlee

Gramlee is a proofreading website that employs part-time proofreaders from home. They adhere to APA style rules and have a stringent privacy policy in place, as well as a zero-tolerance plagiarism policy.

Gramlee is virtually always recruiting, and there is always fresh work coming in. You may apply for a job at Gramlee by completing their brief application form.

Gramlee’s career history may also be found on job search websites such as Indeed.

12. WriterAccess

WriterAccess is a website that provides freelance writing and editing opportunities. Although they do not actively market proofreading employment, they do provide editing services, and proofreading work may be found via the site.

WriterAccess is well known for paying its freelancers fair prices. If you are looking for proofreading employment, you may also look at Proofreading Services, which provides remote proofreading tasks with compensation ranging from $19 to $46 per hour.

13. American Journal Experts

American Journal Experts (AJE) is a company that helps college students edit and proofread their research papers.

They do hire freelance editors and proofreaders, but the roles are very competitive and require good experience in academic writing and editing.

To apply for a job with AJE, go to their website and fill out an application. It is crucial to remember, however, that AJE is not a guaranteed source of employment, and there are other firms that provide comparable services.

Other career prospects in the area of editing and proofreading, such as freelance work or employment with other firms, may be beneficial.

14. Cambridge Proofreading & Editing

Cambridge Proofreading is a company that offers proofreading and editing services. Its goal is to give its customers the best work possible.

They are always looking for skilled and experienced editors who can help them reach this goal.

On their website, you may see job ads and apply for employment. You may also read reviews from current and past workers on websites like Glassdoor and Indeed to get a better idea of what it’s like to work for the organization.

15. ClickWorker

ClickWorker is a website that provides proofreading employment. To get started, sign up on their website, create a user profile, and take a few brief exams.

Excellent results assure a large number of tasks, and you may process your work online and get paid weekly or monthly.

Clickworker requires proofreaders to have an outstanding grasp of their original language as well as a strong sense of language.

16. English Trackers

English Trackers is a corporation that provides proofreading services in English.

They are searching for academic editors that strive for perfection and are prepared to work until the author is completely happy.

They provide straightforward pricing for online English editing and proofreading services. English proofreading jobs are also available on other websites, such as Indeed and Upwork.

17. Enago

Enago is a worldwide leader in publishing support and language services, and it has proofreading opportunities available for people interested in the industry.

Since 2005, Enago has helped researchers publish faster in international journals by putting them in touch with more than 3000 experienced editors, peer reviewers, and translators around the world.

Enago proofreading positions may be found by searching for job openings on Glassdoor or visiting the Enago website. Enago has full-time and part-time roles available, with certain jobs allowing for remote work.

To apply for a proofreading position at Enago, applicants must have strong language skills and attention to detail, since proofreading entails guaranteeing error-free output in order to fulfill international publishing standards.

18. Hello Essay

If you want to work as an essay proofreader, there are various choices accessible online. Websites such as Proofreading Buddy, Fiverr, and Clickworker provide opportunities for both novice and professional proofreaders.

Another alternative is Hello Essay, which pays per word with a minimal base income for tasks under 1,250 words.

It is crucial to remember, however, that Hello Essay has a 6-hour time restriction for completing a project, which may not be ideal for everyone.

To apply for these positions, you may need at least five years of experience or be pursuing a graduate degree.

Keep in mind that taxes will not be withheld in a freelancing employment, and you will be liable for them. You may achieve success in the area of essay proofreading with devotion and hard work.

19. Lionbridge

Lionbridge is a corporation that provides work-from-home alternatives such as proofreading. To apply for a proofreading job with Lionbridge, go to their website and look for open openings.

You must sign up and send in your application, which may include a resume and cover letter.

Lionbridge may also need you to complete a proofreading assessment exam.
If you are hired, you will be given instructions on how to do the task and will be paid in accordance with the terms of your contract.

It is important to keep in mind that job availability and requirements may differ depending on your location and other factors.

20. OneSpace

OneSpace is an online job platform that provides editing and proofreading opportunities.

They have a proofreading and editing job category, and they provide a good income, a flexible schedule, and a nice work atmosphere.

To apply for a proofreading job at OneSpace, go to their website and look through their available openings. Additional online proofreading jobs for beginners may be found on a variety of websites.

21. The Writers for Hire

If you’re seeking proofreading work, have a peek at The Writers for Hire.

They provide writing and editing services, as well as proofreading, and are constantly searching for bright people to join their team.

You may discover more about their recruiting procedure and available openings by visiting their website. Best wishes for your career quest!

22. ExpertEditors

ExpertEditors is a company that specializes in many different proofreading and editing services.

Although they do not provide proofreading services, there are a number of platforms where beginners and pros may discover online proofreading jobs, like Fiverr and Upwork.

23. Kibin

Kibin is a professional editing and proofreading service provider. They used to provide telecommute proofreading assignments, but they no longer have any positions for freelance editors.

24. Scribbr

Scribbr is a firm that provides proofreading and editing services as well as hiring remote freelance editors.

You may apply for a proofreading position at Scribbr by visiting their website and completing an application form.

For the job, you need a bachelor’s degree, to speak English well, and to have experience writing or editing for academics. The firm offers editors training and assistance, as well as flexible working hours.

On the Scribbr website, you can find out more about how to apply and what the job requirements are.

25. Freelancer.com

Freelancer.com offers a wide range of proofreading assignments, including website content proofreading and editing.

According to Freelancer.com, freelance proofreaders are responsible for examining and revising papers for spelling, punctuation, grammar, and style, as well as verifying dates, figures, and other claims of correctness.

Is proofreading a good career option?

Indeed, proofreading is a viable professional choice for people with great language and writing skills. To become a proofreader, one must be well versed in grammar, punctuation, and style guidelines.

A bachelor’s degree in English or journalism is helpful, but people with degrees in other fields can also do well as proofreaders if they can show they know how to write well.

To demonstrate proficiency, employers typically ask applicants to complete a proofreading exam. Proofreading may be done by a freelancer or by an employee of a firm.

Proofreading has many uses because it is needed in many fields, like publishing, advertising, and marketing.

Given the growing need for high-quality material, the future of proofreading seems bright. Networking with prospective future colleagues and employers might also aid in the search for employment.

Are online proofreading jobs legit?

Indeed, there are real jobs in internet proofreading. There are several websites and job boards that provide online proofreading employment, some of which are respectable and trustworthy.

Nonetheless, it is critical to exercise caution and do a thorough investigation before accepting any employment offers or submitting personal information. Some job ads may be fraudulent or may not pay a living wage.

It’s also important to have the right skills and qualifications for the job, like a good grasp of the language and knowledge of how to use grammar and punctuation correctly.

Do I need to have a degree to proofread?

No, a degree is not required to work as a proofreader. Although some proofreading positions may require a degree, the majority do not. But, in order to operate as a proofreader, you must first get proper training.

The qualifications required vary according to the field. Experience and proven abilities are more significant than specialized credentials for most proofreading positions.

To be a good proofreader, you need to know a lot about the English language, be able to spot bad grammar, and know how to fix simple spelling and punctuation mistakes.

Even though a degree or certification isn’t required, it can help you prove and make sure you have the skills you need to become a professional proofreader.

How long does it take to become a proofreader?

How much time and work it takes to become a proofreader depends on the person’s goals and circumstances.

Even though there is no time limit, it is possible to be a proofreader without a degree or qualification.

Accreditation, on the other hand, may make it simpler to get customers and contracts in the future.

The time it takes to proofread a specific number of words varies based on the individual’s expertise and the difficulty of the text, but proofreading 1,000 words may take anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes.

Proofreaders with greater experience and competence may charge higher rates, with top pros earning between $30 and $35 per hour.

Useful Tools for Proofreading

Here are some helpful proofreading tools:

  1. Grammarly is an online proofreading tool that checks for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.
  2. ProWritingAid is a grammar, spelling, and style checking editor and proofreading application.
  3. PerfectIt is a proofreading program that analyzes spelling, hyphenation, capitalization, and other aspects for consistency.
  4. MyBib is a citation generator that helps you format references in a number of different ways.
  5. Capitalize My Title is a tool that assists with title capitalization standards.
  6. Macros: a Microsoft Word tool that enables you to automate repetitive processes like locating and replacing certain words or phrases.
  7. The Pocket Book of Proofreading is a mini-guide on the commercial aspect of proofreading in general.
  8. The Greatest Punctuation Book Ever is a one-stop resource for book, magazine, web, academic, and business writers.
  9. Spell checkers are built-in facilities in word processors that check for spelling mistakes.
  10. Writing and proofreading tools: integrate with any processing application you use to detect mistakes as they occur.